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Utilizing 7 Coal Bunkers For Sale Methods Like The pros

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Choosing a Plastic Coal Bunker

There are many factors to take into account when selecting a coal bunker made of plastic. First, consider the size of the bunker. A smaller bunker is easier to move around. A larger bunker will accommodate more coal. It is also important to be secured. The plastic coal bunker must be protected from weather elements.

Titan 150kg Solid Fuel Bunker

The Titan 150kg Solid Fuel Bunker is a durable storage system designed to store wood, coal, slack and peat briquettes. The product is sold in Ireland titan coal bunkers and is available as standalone units. It is also available in two distinct kits. The first kit includes an black coke scuttle and four-inch coal shovel and the other comes with cargo work gloves.

The Titan 150kg Solid Fuel Bunker, which is a weather-resistant storage unit, is made for occasional use with an open fire. It is constructed from UV-resistant polyethylene with an easy-access bottom hatch. It is a great choice for storing wood or coal.

Harlequin 150kg Bunker of Solid Fuel

The Harlequin 150kg Solid Fuel Bunkers are durable and long-lasting, weather-proof storage solution. Made from a moulded that is rotated UV-resistant plastic They provide safe, compact, Fireplaceandstove and safe way to store household coal. You can choose from two colors available for indoor coal bunker these units: black or green.

These tanks are ideal for storage of coal or slack as in addition to wood and peat briquettes. The CB1 model can hold three bags of household Group 2 Coal. It is possible to order them within four weeks. The CB1 model is ideal for storing 3cwt of coal, or three bags of Group 2 Household Coal.

Platinum Tanks 150kg Solid Fuel Bunker

The Titan 150kg Solid Fuel Bunker can be used for wood, coal and fireplaceandstove slack storage. The bunker is available in a variety of colours and comes with an easy-access top/bottom opening. It is also UV stabilized. This means they are virtually maintenance free.

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